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Space Adventure Lewis Demo Released

Space Adventure Lewis Project PageSpace Pirates Ho!

An action adventure about a special kind of space pirate and his crew is now playable as a pre-release demo version:

“Space Adventure Lewis” is a game developed in cooperation with Christopher Schilz, based on his Space Reptile Lewis short film.

Find out more and fight some UFOs at the game’s page!

Highnoon 1.2 released

Highnoon Hello Highnoon fans!

A new version of the game is online which includes some of the requested features as well as a bunch of bugfixes. (more…)

Highnoon reviewed!

Some noons have passed already since Highnoon got a very fun to read review on, the number one site on the net about retro game remakes.

Thanks to Sheriff Spraydough!

Albareth Preview 1 released

Fighting Slugs in Albareth The first preview version of Albareth - Slugs and Slimes - was released today!

Albareth is a fast paced hack-and-slay roleplaying-game in retro look.

Click through the game’s project page to find out more!

Albareth Project Page

Highnoon remake released!

Highnoon 1.10 released!
This is the first public release. Grab Java Webstart to launch it.

Have fun competing for the highscore, which is currently held by player Wehteheff, followed closely (or not so closely) by Panno.

You can also download it to play it offline (for Windows only at this time): - 4.328kb, for Windows with Java 1.6

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