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Highnoon 1.2 released

Highnoon Hello Highnoon fans!

A new version of the game is online which includes some of the requested features as well as a bunch of bugfixes.

  • The sheriff is now optionally controllable via cursor keys or w/a/s/d.
  • F1 toggles fullscreen mode on and off.
  • Collision detection is more precise and fair.
  • Dust and gunsmoke effects are generated more efficiently, meaning less lag on older machines.
  • You can now skip wait times after losing a life or completing a level via space or mouse click.
  • The online highscore should now work on Mac and Linux too.
  • Added a loading screen with progress display.
  • The saloon doors are squeeking. ;-)
  • Added a crosshair mouse-cursor.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the undertaker to carry his customers not correctly.

Head to the game page to play!

Highnoon Project Page