Istarion Games

Space Adventure Lewis

LewisLewis the lizard is a daring space pirate - together with his ruthless
crew he journeys to the ends of the universe in search for loot and planets to exploit.

“Space Adventure Lewis” is an exciting java game based on the events and characters of the short film Space Reptile Lewis by Christopher Schilz.

Rob freight ships for loot, haggle with shady pirate merchants, cope with the space sheriffs and become ‘Solar System’s Most Feared Space Pirate’ - but be careful: space is infested with fiendish aliens who have an odd interest in cows.


Click the button to launch the demo version of Space Adventure Lewis via Java Webstart.

Webstart Lewis

(You need Java™ 1.4 or higher installed to play. You can get it here.)

The controls are completely explained in game. You can further press F1 to toggle fullscreen mode on and off.


Facing two pirate boss ships means trouble

Space combat

The PDA Interface

The PDA interface

Be aware of hungry space snails in the asteroid belt

Hungry asteroid snails

Discover the planets and moons of the solar system

The solar system’s planets and moons

Rescue alien-abducted cows

Rescue alien-abducted cows

Navigate via the solar system map

The solar system map


Downloads for Windows, Unix and MacOS will be available when the game is finished. Until then just play it via Webstart.