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Albareth“Albareth” is a retro-styled, realtime hack-and-slay action-RPG inspired by games like Rogue, Ultima, Gauntlet or Diablo.

Currently available is the first preview version subtitled “Slugs and Slimes”. It features the completed game engine and user interface, some dungeon levels filled with monsters and items, a hand full of spells, level-ups, boss monsters and is already very fun to play! The source code of the game is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.

The tile graphics in Albareth were created by the pixel artist Denzi.


Click the button to launch Albareth via Java Webstart.

Webstart Albareth

(You need Java™ 1.4 or higher installed to play. You can get it here.)

How to play:

The game’s interface should be pretty self-explanatory to anyone familiar with modern computer-games: To walk, just point the mouse at the dungeon screen and hold down the right mouse button. Pick up, use and equip items via mouse clicks and drag&drop.

However, there are some things unique to Albareth which therefore need a more detailed explanation.

How spellcasting works: Click the spell icon on the lower action bar or press the according hotkey displayed on it. The latter variant is to be preferred because some spells (fireball, magic missile, etc.) need a target to be casted: They require you to press the spell’s hotkey while you hold the mouse over your desired target (e.g. a monster). The game does not require you to click your target. Just point at it and cast the spell!

How melee combat works: You simply “walk” into a monster to attack it. However, after your strike the mouse pointer turns into a red sword. You should (but don’t need to) wait with your next attack until the cursor turns gray again. If you attack too early, there is a chance for you to fail and stumble. When stumbled you can’t move for a few seconds and are vulnerable to painful hits (”crits”) from your enemies. Observe that monsters stumble too!


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Igniting bombs
Igniting Bombs

Character Creation
Character Creation

Fighting Slugs
Fighting Slugs

Battling a Snake Boss
Battling a Snake Boss


Downloads for Windows, Unix and MacOS are coming soon!

Source code

The Java source code for Albareth is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2. The SVN-repository is hosted at Google Code.